Week 2, with a double-digit long run

I had an odd week professionally that made keeping to my running schedule a bit harder. On Tuesday I spent a lot of time in the car going back and forth to a seminar at Virginia Tech. The next day was my voyage to and from Richmond. I realized that having a good workout in the morning, then sitting in a car for two hours isn't good. Despite the many travels and the all-of-a-sudden sprint to get my house ready to sell, I had a successful running week. Unlike last summer, I have no knee problems after upping my mileage. I also have quickly realized how much house work is equivalent to a good crossing training day, or a good addition to running.

Here's how Week 2 went of training for the Richmond Marathon:
Monday, 7/23: 1.1, weights
Tuesday: 4
Wednesday: 6.2 overall (3.2 tempo run at just under 8 minute mile pace)
Thursday: Dubbed a rest day for running, but ... 1.3 mi. walk, weights, mowed yard
Friday: 4.4
Saturday: Rest day, but housework was involved
Sunday: 10. This was my first double-digit run since my half marathon in March. Overall it went well, and I could really feel the difference in jumping from 7.3 miles last week. Plus I stuck to some major hills including Thomas Road. It was ambitious to go 10 miles, but in the end everything felt great. I kept a nice, controlled slow pace. I had enough left in me today to clean up some more and some minor painting. I'm headed off soon to reward myself with a Japanese meal.

Total running miles for the week: 25.7. My goal was 25 to 28, so I'm very pleased to fall within my goal range. My group run Wednesday was a tempo run in the rain, and I really enjoyed it.

This week, my group run has been moved a day and I won't be able to go, but my goal is to do some sort of track workout or tempo run mid-week on my own. My long run goal is 11 miles; overall mileage goal for the week is 27 to 30. The following week is a recovery week in which I'll cut my miles down in the low 20s, but maintain 11 or so miles for my long run. That week will be a bit odd as I head on a mini "vacation" to Ohio once again, but it's perfect time as I plan to cut back a bit. I'll be looking forward a very flat long run.


Jason said...

Congrats on the 10 miles!!! Glad to see that you're succeeding in keeping to your plan. I imagine the move and stuff have been playing havoc with your running. So, good job in keeping it up during the other stuff.

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