Looking back on July

July 2007 will go down as my most pleasing month of running of all time. I hope I can say the same about each month through November. On top of logging personal bests in the mile and overall pace in the 5 miler, I logged just over 90 miles for the month - the most of any month so far this year. (Had February been a full month, I would've had more then.) My mileage for the year is now more than 500 miles and with the marathon training I'll easily surpass 1,000 for the year. By the time the end of August/early September gets here, my long runs will become my longest runs ever - perhaps my favorite statement to say about running.

I have been very pleased with the steady increase in my long runs this month - from just over 6 miles to 10 miles - and the comfort they have brought. I have been a bit cautious so I don't have repeats in my knee problems from last summer. I think the lessons I have learned over the past two years are paying off tremendously this summer. I've learned when to push it or when to have an easy run or when to just take a day off. While I'm worried about my move interfering with training, I already realize the potential to join new runners and other runner groups.


Jason The Running Man said...

Awesome month..wow 90 miles is great. The most I hit was 70 back in, go figure, Feb.:) Keep up the good work. I'm looking forward to Nov. 10!

triathlonmom said...

i'm really impressed with your improvements. And well, i bet you feel great (compared to when you started).
I look forward to cheering you on at the Richmond Marathon...(i'll be running the 8K). A bunch of my teamates will be running it too. Did i mention I hate running?