Four on the Fourth?

I think it's odd that there aren't 4 mile races on the Fourth of July. Four on the Fourth -- it's a pretty simple concept. Instead, like here in Richmond, there are two 5ks to chose from today. In Lynchburg, where I used to live, today is the third annual Academy Mile. A mile race is cool, and having a race on a holiday does make perfect sense, but I think Four on the Fourth sounds neat. Maybe one day I can organize such a race. Or maybe I'm just wishing this year that races didn't cost $20 or more to enter.

Anyway, this week's weather has been spectacular. The humidity has been low and earlier this week it was cool enough to turn the AC off for almost two days. It's a nice change of pace considering how hot it was in early June. Things look like they'll be changing soon, but I'm glad I've been able to take advantage of it.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy Fourth of July!

Workouts since last post
July 2: Walk - 1; Run - 5.1; 70 set ups
July 3: Walk - 1.7; Bike - 5.1; Weights; Plank - 1:00; 50 sets up on Bosu ball; 50 crunches with weights
July 4: Walk - 1.3; Run - 4.1


Andrew is getting fit said...

4 on the 4th sounds great to me. I'd even pay $20 to enter! ;)

Anonymous said...

I lik ethe idea of 4 on the 4th too. I ran a 5 on the 4th, don't really get that!

Jason said...

Dude, no lie on the race fees. I was checking out the registration fee for a Half Ironman next year and its $250.00. Yeah you read that right....250 bucks.