Why I keeping going

I've been reading several blogs this summer that basically pertain to running. But several of the blogs often get off subject, oh-so briefly getting into their personal lives. One of my favorite blogs has been the Runners Lounge, which has offered encouragement to every runner out there. At the same time, they've offered insight to other runners' blogs and what we're doing with our lives. Then there's also the newly created Runners Lounge Web site, that could very well be one of the best running sites in the near future. Jason's Running Diary has also become a blog I enjoy reading -- there's a unique bond I think all first-time marathoners share. But his blog has slipped into personal things I can relate to. Then this weekend, I read a blog from "Runner Girl", whose blog Web site begins with "13point1milejourney" - something that'll probably be a big part of my running future. Anyway, her recent post focused on bloggers who let their personal lives slip into running blogs. It got me to thinking... what do I reveal on here? When does it actually get boring to read about another long run? When does it get old for me to write about another run?

Well, call this a coming out party, because I'm ready to write more about why I run ... even though I still can't quite get into a direct blog that doesn't have to do without running, I find it important to give some background into why I run. 2004 was the year of change for me. What was originally a quest to lose weight for my wedding turned into a quest of running for life. Early on in the year, I had an uncle diagnosed with cancer. He was given no time to live basically. But he ended up making it to my wedding later that summer, and lived to see Christmas that year. It's an amazing story of beating the doctor's odds, although the cancer became too much. In November 2004, my dad was then diagnosed with cancer -- a very odd and rare form of cancer in the throat. What transpired was several months of chemo and radiation, the inability to eat and then fighting back from that. He has since returned to relatively good health and his old fatherly habits. Then in 2005, my grandfather was diagnosed with lymphoma. While struggling with memory-related problems, this came along. However, here at the end of 2007, my grandfather continues. While he's not the same person he used to be, he still has a sense of humor and an appreciation for life, even if it is SSDD as he says.

So, in the course of a year, I had some of the greatest things happen to me in getting married and losing 40 pounds, while having the worst things happen to me. Three relatives -- all non-blood related to each other -- get cancer. I find myself thinking about this a lot when I'm running. When I'm struggling out there, I find myself finding the will to keep going all for my health, and in honor and memory of others. Seeing others close to me find that will to live deep within themselves only makes me stronger.


Jason said...

Thanks for FINALLY sharing :) I never thought I'd hear about why you ran.....everyone has a different story and I love to read each one. Hearing the stories keeps me motivated too I think.

Anonymous said...

I think those events are tugging on everyone this week. It is good to know that you running...literally for your health. Keep up the good work.

Amy said...


Thanks for the very kind words about Runners' Lounge. You know I share the same joy from your story - especially how you have moved, switched jobs and kept training without a hitch.

Everything happens for a reason. Running seems to give us the time to figure out what the reason is. Glad you have that time.

And great your mom stopped by - isn't that the best! Wishing the best for your family as you wrap up 2007 and head into 2008.


Non-Runner Nancy said...

Checking back in on you. How is the move going? (well with the exception of the crazy drivers.)

This is a great post. I am so sorry about all the health issues that have happened to your loved ones. You may never get away from some risks but you can do everything you can to be healthy and fit and that puts you in the best light for the future. Congrats on doing that for yourself. It isn't easy. You have a very inspiring story.