Evening runner

I do not want to become an evening runner again, but with being worn out from my move and trying to get unpacked, getting up this week has been tough. So yesterday after work I headed out for about 6 miles along Richmond's Monument Avenue and its nearby streets. Talk about a different experience - while the time was different, there was also the city traffic to deal with. Today I will run in the evening, but wait until I get home. My neighborhood is much more peaceful, although I did enjoy something completely out of my realm yesterday. I'll probably do it again.

Another problem I'm starting to have is the daylight missing in the morning. It's going to get tougher and tougher to push myself out of bed when it's dark, but I really don't want to transition to evenings full time with less than two months before the marathon.

On another note, it seems the intense summer heat is finally gone. I couldn't be happier!


Non-Runner Nancy said...

Hope you are getting settled and enjoying exploring the new area. All of us are struggling with the daylight issues... Hang in there.

I had a cold last week, too. Really zapped me. Hope you are on the mend and regaining strength.

kbarquist said...

Is there something wrong with being an evening runner? you said you don't want to become one, I'd love to hear your thoughts on why

David H. said...

I didn't say there was anything wrong with being an evening runner. I've addressed it in other blogs about why I run in the mornings. In fact, I used to be an evening runner and never dreamed of running in the mornings. We all have our cup of tea, our way to float our boats and our way of browning our cookies ... I just like the morning better. It's really impossible to explain why.

Thomas said...

As someone who exclusively runs in the morning, I can sympathise. Getting up in the dark isn't overly appealing, but once you're out on the road, it can be magical. Ever run beneath the moon and the stars? Those are my most memorable runs.