What is 26.2 miles?

Official training for the Richmond Marathon is still a little bit away, but the mind games have begun. While going for a four-mile run the other morning, I started to think: How far is 26.2 miles?

Here are some runs in Virginia that would be close to what I'm planning to do in November:
* My house in Lynchburg to my mother's house in Bedford
* Lynchburg to the town of Amherst
* Bedford to Roanoke
* Harrisonburg to Staunton
* Hampton to Virginia Beach
* Petersburg to Richmond
* various points in Nelson County to Charlottesville
* Buena Vista to Coleman Falls

What's interesting about all of that is I wouldn't get up one morning and say, "I'm running on 221 today to go see my mom." Or, "I'm going to go to Petersburg this weekend and run up I-95 to Richmond." A Buena Vista to Coleman Falls run probably wouldn't be so bad, but would I do it? Perhaps with a group.

I've ran two half marathons in the past year, so running a marathon is the "next thing" to do. It's just when you start to think about what that distance really is, it's just kind of funny. For now, I'll go back to concentrating on a 10K at the end of the month and then get focused on November.

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Emily said...

It was good to see you at the half in Va. Beach. Have you checked out MapMyRun.com to track your routes? It's a cool site where you can save your routes, measure the distance and check out where other people are running in your town. I just thought I'd pass that along. Like the blog.